chiral [kahy-ruhl] adj.
dissymmetry, relating to a molecule that’s not superimposable on its mirror image


chiral studio was founded in 2011 as a material research collaborative dedicated to exploring and adapting biological systems to a design scale. the company finds inspiration in the quantum world where subtle changes propagate out to great effect and paradoxical phenomenon are revealed. our first collection of lights is based on buckminsterfullerene (bucky balls), a carbon allotrope. made exclusively of the same element as the lead in your pencil or the diamond on your finger, buckyballs form geodesic carbon cages. next up: cylindrical standing and hanging lights based on carbon nanotubes, which are heralded as the future of thermal conductivity, structural composites, and biomedical research.


jacob george
founder, design director


todd mannherz
business development

rock climber, whiskey drinker